In June 2017, The Kraft Center will have graduated 75 clinician-leaders (15 Fellows and 60 Practitioners). The vast majority remain in community health centers and more than half have achieved positions of leadership. Our mission-driven graduates now have the skills and training that will fortify their commitment to careers in community health centers.

All of the Kraft trainees completed a community health improvement project during the program. The focus of these projects was driven both by the community health centers’ priorities and the trainees’ specific interests. Not surprisingly, projects clustered around particular topics: chronic disease management (diabetes, substance use disorders), integration of primary care and behavioral health, children and families, and care redesign. These projects have resulted in the development of new programs, improvements in care delivery, and community partnerships that address social determinants of health. Graduates have disseminated their project work in peer reviewed publications; local and national presentations; op eds, blogs and commentaries; and advocacy forums. Some have been involved in multiple projects, which are reflected in their academic productivity. Click link to see summaries of the projects, publications and presentations that capture the depth and breadth of this work.