Lauren Graber, MD

Kraft Fellowship Class: 2017

Kraft Clinical Site: Codman Square Health Center 

Current Position(s):

Family Medicine Physician, Codman Square Health Center 

“I want to delve deeper into the principles of community-based participatory research, incorporating this rigorous model into my underserved primary care practice. I want to be a part of community empowerment and organizing, collaborate in public health efforts to stimulate change, and serve as a primary care leader in my community health center.”

Residency: Boston Medical Center 

Medical School: Yale University 

Kraft Project:

  • Characterizing Support for At-Risk Families at Codman Square Health Center: LAUNCH Program

Meredith Eicken, MD

Kraft Fellowship Class: 2017

Kraft Clinical Site: MGH Revere

Current Position(s):

Assistant Program Director, MGH Med-Peds Residency Program

 “I strongly believe that everyone should have access to high quality, accessible, and equitable healthcare. At the core of this mission is a necessity to strengthen the capacity of our health centers. In my career, I envision participating in clinical work, research, and educational projects to improve the delivery of healthcare to underserved populations, serving as a patient advocate and mentor for primary care trainees, while also being a community health leader.”

Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital 

Medical School: Vanderbilt University

Kraft Project:

  • Enhancing Self-Care and Patient Education for Vulnerable and Overweight Patients