The Kraft Center for Community Health at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is focused on leading innovation in community health. The Center was established in 2011 by a generous gift from Robert Kraft to expand access to high quality, cost effective health care for low-and moderate-income individuals and families. The Kraft Center aims to catalyze innovative solutions to real world community health problems, execute solutions locally, and make them scalable and ready to spread nationally. Administratively housed in Community Health at MGH, the program seeks to improve health outcomes for disadvantaged populations throughout the Commonwealth and nationally. Specifically, the Kraft Center intends to focus on three major areas to deliver on that mission:

  • Mobile Opioid Addiction Program
  • Cancer Care Equity
  • Primary Care Leadership

Dr. Elsie Taveras is the Executive Director of the Kraft Center and Joan Quinlan, vice president for community health, provides administrative oversight for the center.