There are significant cancer-related inequities – in diagnosis, treatment and mortality – among traditionally marginalized populations, including: those who are homeless, have a mental illness, live in poverty, or belong to a racial or ethnic minority. Health equity data shows significant disparities in cancer status in the communities where The Kraft Center focuses its work.

Statewide, the prevalence of cancer is 45.68 per 1,000 people. In contrast, averages range from 60 to 106 per 1,000 in Kraft Center communities. The significance of these inequities creates an urgency to find new, out-of-box solutions. The Center is creating a vehicle to identify concrete cancer-related problems and generate new ideas to address these problems.

In 2018, The Kraft Center will host an Innovation Summit to crowd source ideas and new perspectives to improve cancer care quality and equity throughout Massachusetts. We will convene patients, public health practitioners, clinicians, academics, cancer organizations, nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurs. We will announce a request for multi-sector teams that will propose solutions prototypes for cancer care equity. From there, we will pilot the best ideas with the goal of finding solutions to scale.